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  1. He’s thinking big now. He imagines that in 10 years, job applicants will tout their Udacity degrees. In 50 years, he says, there will be only 10 institutions in the world delivering higher education and Udacity has a shot at being one of them. Thrun just has to plot the right course.
  2. publications on MOOCs that were produced at the 29 UK universities connected to the FutureLearn MOOC platform. Bringing these papers together, and considering them as a body of related work, reveals a set of nine priority areas for MOOC research and development. We suggest that these priority areas could be used to develop a strategic approach to learning at scale
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  3. Interest and participation in online education have exploded in recent years, at least partly due to the growing availability of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on a broad range of
    topics. However, even established online education providers struggle to offer an integrated and cohesive “student experience” for online learners, who are typically more diverse and geographically distributed than those pursuing resident education. These issues of motivation and satisfaction have important implications for learning outcomes, both in the short term (e.g., how to formulate and design for learning objectives) and over the longer term (e.g., personal or professional development). This RIG will explore the potential for interactive visualizations of student information to enhance belonging, participation and social ties among World Campus students; a particular focus will be on analyzing what might create a “cohort identity” within the population that can seed and be a source of continued connection to the larger University community. In resident education, cohorts are a natural by-product of starting a program at the same time and taking the same courses from the same instructors at approximately the same time. Can similar structural characteristics create “virtual cohort” bonds for online students?
  4. Audrey Watters gives a fantastic breakdown of the history and the pivot of Venture Capital MOOCs away from Education For All to Job Training for the Rich. Ideal students only need apply. But ideal students would succeed anywhere. Because they're ideal. Privelege is awesome.
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  5. And, those costs go up substantially faster than the rate of inflation or the rate of state revenues. And, so, the second biggest pot of money, which is the education pot, both K-12 and higher ed, gets raided. And, so, on a per student basis, that money has gone down, and there’s no likely prospect that it will go back up. Some people have thought of it as cyclical, but, in fact, if you look at the last several cycles, it goes down in the cycle and then, during the good years, it stays at that level, and then, as the next cycle is hit, it’s gone down again.
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  6. On #MOOCs and the conversation about equity, reform and educational technology in learning (Mimi Ito). http://t.co/bVxSTCaU
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  7. Just posted about new 'Bill of Learners Rights' by @CathyNDavidson, @p2pu, @audreywatters, et al. http://t.co/tBDvs0NO #MOOCs
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