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  2. Doug Belshaw's PhD thesis, written in a wiki.
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  4. found via a retweet by Doug Symington
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  5. The people most often cited as "education experts" in blogs and news stories may have the backing of influential organizations - but have little background in education and education policy, a new study suggests
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  6. The goal of this conference is to create opportunities for research to inform practice and practice to inform research in the area of assessment in particular designing responsive pedagogy.
  7. "Education is one of the last industries to be touched by Internet technology." Seriously? SERIOUSLY?
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  9. It’s hard to imagine that half of the jobs that exist today didn’t exist 25 years ago
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  10. "This is the biggest cut to post-secondary education in 20 years. These cuts are going to have an immediate impact on the quality of our post-secondary education, and potentially longer impacts on the affordability and accessibility of degrees in Alberta," said Raphael Jacob, chair of the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS) and VP External of the University of Calgary Students' Union.
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