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  1. should be great, but holy fracking child of christ? $280? no fracking way.
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  2. A collection of readings on open education with commentary. Created for IPT 515R Introduction to Open Education, a graduate course at Brigham Young University. An Open Education Reader is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
  3. In the book, I identify:

    the external developments that are putting pressure on university and college teaching,
    the day to day implications for instructors, teaching assistants, and students themselves
    some of the ways that instructors and institutions are successfully responding to such pressures,
    a set of strategies for redesigning your teaching that will help handle these pressures in a positive way.
    Although the book contains many practical examples, it is more than a cookbook on how to teach. It looks closely at

    the nature of knowledge, and how that results in different approaches to teaching
    the science behind how students learn best,
    the features that distinguish between different technologies from an educational perspective, and from this the implications of using different types of technology for teaching
    some alternative ways to design your courses so that they better meet the needs of your students
    some suggestions for managing your teaching work load.
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