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  1. The Wikipedia Year in Science is coming to a close this December. And thanks to students in an introductory geology course at the University of Calgary, 39 new articles on women in geoscience are now available online
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  2. Anaconda Distribution gives superpowers to people that change the world with high performance, cross-platform Python and R that includes the best innovative data science from open source. Using over 720 packages for data preparation, data analysis, data visualization, machine learning and interactive data science applications that deliver results - everything from discovering gravitational waves to creating new revenue channels. Data Scientists worldwide rely on the Anaconda Distribution for easy package, dependency and environment management.
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  3. live streaming HD feed of fruit flies maturing for a biology class @UCalgary
  4. A Nature comic examines the 25-year quest for a climate treaty. Can nations unite to save Earth’s climate?
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  7. C-LAB is a teaching and learning development program that offers faculty members in Science the skills and support to explore a question about teaching and learning by turning their Classroom into a LAB (C-LAB).

    Maybe you wonder…

    Could I teach a challenging concept in my course in a better way?
    Why do my students repeat similar mistakes on midterm and final exams?
    What would motivate my students to become more self-directed and self-motivated?
    How could I use technology more effectively in my course?
    If I changed my assessment strategies, would that impact learning?
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