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    Tags: , by dnorman (2020-09-22)
  2. this is awesome. the tech is almost ready. this is what I want to use to record a classroom session so it can be played back from multiple perspectives for instructors and students to reflect…
  3. Not the same thing as holoportation, but looks like you can change perspective in a live or recorded video.
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2016-11-05)
  4. Interesting markerless motion capture for playing back a VR session
    Tags: , by dnorman (2016-11-05)
  5. VR capture for real estate. Could be interesting to capture learning spaces.
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2016-11-05)
  6. Session videos available in "the vault". Sounds ominous.
  7. SCAD students and alumni from 14 programs, including film and television, animation, costume design, dramatic writing, production design, visual effects, themed entertainment design and motion media design, collaborated to produce "Say It With Music."

    In order to completely engage viewers, the team needed to develop a story so delightful the audience would forget about the VR headsets utilized to experience the musical. With creative solutions and inventive thinking, the students achieved their goal.

    When tailoring a story to VR, the process is not about changing the type of narrative, but about how the storyline unfolds.

    If cinematography is visual and theater is verbal, then VR is a hybrid experience requiring a new application. Through brainstorming sessions, multiple ideas were explored, and movement and music were determined to be the best forms of communication. An homage to the legendary American composer and lyricist Irving Berlin was then chosen as the most compelling story.
    Tags: , , , , by dnorman (2016-11-03)
  8. This is 3D scanning result of Đình Tiền Lệ monument (Hoai Duc, Hanoi, Vietnam). Đình Tiền Lệ has become the first large historic monument got preserve and display intact by digitization and interactive 3D technology.
    Đình (village hall) is the common houses of a Vietnamese village commune where there are three functions are carried out administrative, religious and cultural.Đình Tiền Lệ has become the first large historic monument got preserve and display intact by digitization and interactive 3D technology.
  9. The most absolutely amazing VR (well, not actually VR, but still cool) interactive I've seen. For much of it, I was convinced it was captured video footage - I was looking down to find artifacts of the tripod in the video. No tripod. How did they do that? Oh, right. Computer generated video. Wow.
  10. VR isn't just Oculus Rift. It's tangible, immersive. Not augmented reality, alternate reality.
    Tags: by dnorman (2016-06-18)

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