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  1. publications on MOOCs that were produced at the 29 UK universities connected to the FutureLearn MOOC platform. Bringing these papers together, and considering them as a body of related work, reveals a set of nine priority areas for MOOC research and development. We suggest that these priority areas could be used to develop a strategic approach to learning at scale
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  2. the officially published copy of the Framework
  3. The University of South Australia Digital Learning Strategy 2015-2020 builds on our values of innovation, scholarship, engagement and openness and outlines the vision, strategic priorities, commitments and key projects that will provide enhanced educational offerings, as articulated in the University’s strategic plan Crossing the Horizon

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    This strategy is a whole-of-university strategy, through which we will deliver an engaging curriculum, support our students to be productive professionals in a digital age, expand our flexible learning arrangements, develop our academics to be leaders in the digital learning experience, and inspire the entire UniSA community through life-long learning. By 2020 UniSA will be recognised internationally as a leading university for its use of innovative digital technologies to ensure a high quality student learning experience
  4. The conclusions that emerged from the Task Force’s review of the landscapes resulted in the development of 5 priority areas that will allow the University of Calgary to become a leader in post- secondary learning technology integration. Within these five priorities are 14 proactive strategies that are essential to the success of this strategic framework
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