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  1. via @cogdog. looks powerful. may have to try it someday.
  2. might be better, and is orders of magnitude cheaper than, our FWI-powered digital signage… Doesn't have wayfinding, but could be combined with something like the UCDavis wayfinding pretty easily…
    Tags: , by dnorman (2018-01-31)
  3. all the fun of MOOCing, without having to hand things over to edX or Coursera…
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2017-09-25)
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  5. Lightworks is EditShare's Academy and Emmy award-winning, professional Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software supporting resolutions up to 4K as well as video in SD and HD formats. In the last 25 years Lightworks has been used to edit some of the finest films in cinema history: The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Road to Perdition, Hugo, The King’s Speech and many more! We’re proud of its heritage and we want to share it with you. Discover the incredible features of this application and why Oscar nominated editors around the world use Lightwork Pro every day
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    Tags: , , , , by dnorman (2014-05-26)
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    Tags: , , , by dnorman (2013-02-20)
  9. LiVES mixes realtime video performance and non-linear editing in one professional quality application. It will let you start editing and making video right away, without having to worry about formats, frame sizes, or framerates. It is a very flexible tool which is used by both professional VJ's and video editors - mix and switch clips from the keyboard, use dozens of realtime effects, trim and edit your clips in the clip editor, and bring them together using the multitrack timeline. You can even record your performance in real time, and then edit it further or render it straight away.
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2013-02-20)
  10. an open source voxel game building toolkit for modern web browsers
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2013-01-27)

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