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  1. "The high precision synchronization between equipment systems in the LIVELab enables cutting edge multi-faceted analysis of complex questions of human interaction related to music, hearing, vision, movement, and learning."
  2. This conference is an opportunity to bring together faculty, students, staff, and administrators across disciplines and institutions to discuss how teaching and learning creates communities at local, regional, national and international levels. We encourage discussion related to how community creates identities and belonging as well as how notions of community establish boundaries and borders.

    We invite abstract submissions that draw connections to community in evidence-informed teaching practices and welcome research on any area related to teaching and learning in higher education, including (but not limited to):

    Collaborative teaching methods
    Building student community
    Online learning communities and teaching with technology
    Teaching large classes and community building
    Community engaged learning
    Inter- and Trans-disciplinary teaching and learning communities
    Inclusivity and diversity in teaching and learning
    Fostering networks within academia
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  3. McMaster just dropped the horrible D2L ePortfolio tool, replacing it with a third party service. We're looking at doing something similar, but with a UofC-hosted instance of WordPress to potentially serve as an ePortfolio platform.
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