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  1. UBC's list of third party integrations into Canvas - including status of request etc.
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  2. 1EdTech consists of a secure trusted cloud-based registry and connection service that will enable any educational technology provider to connect to any school district’s learning platform, portal, or student system using the IMS OneRoster® standard. Once a participant organization has integrated they will be able to connect to any of the institutions or suppliers on the other side. 1EdTech will be free to all IMS member organizations that have OneRoster certified products. 1EdTech is a unique approach because it is a trusted community-sourced and governed non-profit connection service that does not compete with existing marketplace solutions, but rather complements existing solutions.  
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  3. -
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  4. Currently these LTI extensions are only supported by Canvas
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2013-01-25)

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