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  1. Learning in 4 steps:
    1. through experience
    2. through practice
    3. through conversation
    4. through reflection
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  2. Students kept a diary ' photo journal to document their (informal) learning activities.
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  3. The modern workplace learning landscape therefore encompasses a broad range of approaches to learning – see my diagram below. A L&D department that only focuses on Directed Learning is simply a Training Dept. The L&D Dept of the future will need to support learning in all its forms. But to do this it will need to shake off its command-and-control training mindset, and it will need to develop new roles, activities and new skills. We are probably likely to see more specialization in the professional, so whereas some will want to continue to focus on providing ID or training services, others will want to move into the new role of a Workplace Learning Advisor promoting and supporting autonomous learning. But before a modern L&D department can even start to help others in new ways, it needs to be “walking the talk” itself, experiencing and demonstrating the value of learning in a wide variety of ways itself.
  4. at least 2 of the theories have been debunked, so this may be in need of revision. still, interesting comparison.
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  6. Mobius Social Learning Information Platform™ (Mobius SLIP™) is a modern incarnation of the Socratic Method in an asynchronous online learning environment. It is designed to promote creativity, critical thinking and communication competencies among student
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