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  1. Teenager posts stupid things on her twitter account, as teenagers (people!) do. A few years later, twitter archives are dredged up to torpedo her chances of running for office.
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  2. The University of Calgary plans to change its current learning management system Blackboard to different software over the 2013 spring and summer break. Blackboard 8.0 has been in use since 2008. A committee of IT partners, Library, Teaching and Learning Centre representatives determined the shortlist of programs based on utility, as well as surveyed staff and students about each program. The shortlisted software candidates are Canvas, Desire2Learn and Blackboard 9.1.
    Tags: , , , by dnorman (2013-03-05)
  3. Informal Education is a new University of Calgary podcast that will broadcast voices of the university community. The first episode was launched on Feb. 13. New episodes will air every Wednesday and are 50 to 110 minutes long. 

    According to third-year English student, host and creator of Informal Education Kelsy Norman, there are large gaps between faculty, administration and students. Informal Education, however, will work to close these gaps.

    “I look at a problem at the 
U of C and I feel that we could work on building a better community,” said Norman. 

    Norman, a faculty of arts representative and avid listener of podcasts, felt he could use his connections on campus to build a platform for exploring the lives of community members. 

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  4. Three-dimensional printing technology will soon be more readily available for undergraduate engineering students. Traditionally available only to fourth-year University of Calgary engineering students doing their capstone design project, the department of mechanical and manufacturing engineering has made 3D printing available to second-year students in their computer-aided design course and a workroom is planned to open by spring semester for undergraduate students to use 3D printers outside of specific classes
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