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  1. Colin madland's online learning orientation
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  3. Hosted by Dr. John Doerksen, Vice-Provost (Academic Programs), and the Teaching Support Centre (TSC), the Teaching with Technology – eLearning Lunch and Learn Series focuses on the nexus between innovative uses of new and emerging technologies, and best practices in teaching and learning. These sessions (lunch will be provided) are intended to foster campus-wide collaboration, communication, and resource sharing about varied technology issues
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  4. a fantastic open online faculty development resource on eLearning, by TRU.
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  5. I teach in the course blog comments and in the discussion boards I am not supposed to visit. ‘They’ see my teaching in the static ‘permanent send’ mode of the ‘module’. This may be obvious to others, but it was not obvious to me until I found myself resisting the checklists served up with deadly talking head videos on a course that is about mindful communication!
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  6. bizarre document/report from NRC.
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  8. U-M established the very first Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in the country in 1962. Digital courses from across our campus have already reached more than 1.5 million students. Many of our 19 colleges and schools have developed blended learning programs to meet the changing needs of students and to address global challenges. Digital education & innovation at Michigan is about promoting and supporting these programs and courses, tools and learning environments, research and learning analytics and maximizing the creative potential of the largest learning community in the world.

    This website shares our journey as we strive to reinvent learning and discovery for the 21st century.
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  9. great slide on shift from silo to SaaS to purposeful collaboration
  10. This is a report on the present landscape and future needs of those in the Faculty of Arts using technology to enable their teaching and learning. It has been produced by the Faculty of Arts Dean’s Advisory E-Learning Working Group, a consortium of nine University of Calgary colleagues (faculty, students, and staff).

    We consulted colleagues and wrote this report between March and October 2013, and posted it online in November 2013.
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