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  1. This will work for basic functionality. Not sure how to implement the wayfinding part of our current(old?) system. May not need it. The building isn't that big. Maybe a static image?
    Tags: by dnorman (2018-07-02)
  2. This one looks active, but not as robust… trade offs…
    Tags: by dnorman (2018-07-02)
  3. -
    Tags: by dnorman (2018-07-02)
  4. WordPress plugin to manage digital signs using a simple WP site as content management / config tool.
    Tags: by dnorman (2018-07-02)
  5. might be better, and is orders of magnitude cheaper than, our FWI-powered digital signage… Doesn't have wayfinding, but could be combined with something like the UCDavis wayfinding pretty easily…
    Tags: , by dnorman (2018-01-31)
  6. Cross platform app from google for building responsive web pages that can scale up to digital signage.
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2016-09-27)

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