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  1. A free tool with detailed learning space examples to help campuses save time, money, and effort and improve the way they plan, design, document, and promote their physical learning spaces.
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  5. Each Mosaic classroom is different, but all Mosaic classrooms support:

    Collaboration—with student-accessible screens or whiteboard surfaces intended for collaboration and presentation
    Student grouping—with flexible or fixed furniture that allows for easy student grouping
    Movement—with square footage requirements that allow space for students and instructors to interact in a variety of ways
  6. Furniture on wheels. Tables shaped for circle configuration.
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  7. Interesting classroom designs to support active learning in classes from 60-160 students.
  8. Most students and faculty members indicated an excitement and appreciation for active learning and considered it to be a valuable learning and teaching method; this appreciation was enhanced when courses were held in the ALCs. These early results have helped confirm the expected benefits of incorporating active learning methods in the classroom

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