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  5. Magna Commons is an online, cloud-based professional development resource for faculty and administrators.

    With a yearly subscription, your entire campus will have on-demand access to a library of the best Magna Online Seminars. Because all seminars are online, users can access this resource whenever and wherever they are. Watch seminars at home, at work, in a group, on a tablet, or even on a smartphone.

    All seminars are presented by highly respected names in higher education. And each comes with a host of tools to support learning, including:

    Supplemental materials
    An in-depth facilitator's discussion guide
    A complete transcript
    With the wealth of topics available in Magna Commons, and unlimited access for your campus, each member of the community can tailor his or her learning to their professional development needs.

    It's a flexible, practical means for everyone at your institution to build knowledge and improve performance.It really is an extraordinary collection of educational resources.
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  7. "As a part of the continued effort to make Brightspace more intuitive for you and your users, in January 2016, improvements will be released to some of the default system language terms, including Dropbox to Assignments and News to Announcements."
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  9. New interface for D2L. Should be minor, but people will freak out because it looks different.
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