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  1. via Mr. Pot-tare! This looks awesome. I wonder if it could be adapted to visualizing interactions between people in realtime…
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  4. #want. Seriously, Grant. This would be awesome. I'm pretty sure I can't swing the timing (right before Fall semester start), but this would be a hell of a lot of fun.

    Using lectures, lab exercises, and field explorations, we’ll introduce the concepts behind acoustic communication and soundscape studies. Topics covered will include: introduction to active listening, the nature of acoustic community, soundscape methods in qualitative research, the soundwalk as a method for exploring and documenting the acoustic environment, the geographic identification of sound sources and soundmarks in the acoustic environment, and compositional and audio-editing techniques
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  7. leadership/management course from cont ed
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  10. This short course will provide an introduction to a variety of learning technologies for the purpose of teaching and learning. The use of learning technologies, including learning management systems such as Blackboard, blogs, podcasts, wikis and even Twitter is growing as educators see the potential for collaboration, reflection, creation, sharing and other key elements of learning through the use of such tools.

    By the completion of this course, participants should be able to:
    Create and maintain their own blog
    Collaborate using online tools for a Project
    Explain potential uses of RSS, wikis, social bookmarking and other social media tools
    Create and publish a podcast, screencast or other video related to education
    Identify a variety of learning technologies available through the U of S and discuss how they might be used in their courses
    Locate, evaluate and integrate online media for use in their own teaching
    Discuss issues around acceptable use policies and digital citizenship
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