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  2. responsible use of D2L statement
  3. holy.
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  4. Copyright mistakes, whether by authors, publishers or educators, will inevitably happen from time to time. Rather than demonstrating a link between a quickly corrected error and the state of the law, the Concordia incident actually shows that copyright collective licensing was never the panacea its advocates suggest. Instead, emerging alternatives offer a far better approach for all copyright stakeholders with a mix of paid access, open access, and fair dealing
  5. a guy gets a copy of a trade rag from another guy that has a paid subscription. publishers of trade rag find out. Sue the guy. Win. Get awarded $2K punitive damages PLUS the cost of a court-ordered corporate subscription to the trade rag.

    "A business that is entirely reliant on providing content behind a paywall clearly has an interest in ensuring that access to that content is limited to subscribers to the extent possible. But does this mean that no other access to the content can be tolerated? A person who has legally purchased a book may lend it to another to read. Is there room for the law adopt an equivalent approach for content behind pay walls?"
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  7. Robust copyright management, integration with a variety of e-Learning environments, and the ability to accept a wide variety of file formats are just a few of the key Ares features
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