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  1. "The net messages in all of this –

    A vendor that takes information security this serious probably deserves to be instantly added to your short-list, provided they have the requisite skill and experience in the products and services you seek.
    There are likely substantial vendor due diligence and annual re-certification expenses you can save as well. If a vendor can pass the SOC 2 Type II audit, there is little you will review that will trip them up. They have endured far worse. Just ask for their SOC 2 Type II report and certification documentation, review it to ensure your own comfort, then check the “Exceeds Requirements” box, and move on to the next vendor to review.
    Yes, we are essentially saying that SOC 2 Type II vendors should be given a “free pass” (of sorts). Give them an explicit opportunity to strut their stuff in your RFP process. And, by no means was it FREE. It has cost them dearly, but they think earning your business and peace of mind is worth it."
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  2. "In short, you must be able to cover not only security of the cloud (the cloud provider’s infrastructure), but also security in the cloud (how you configure and use the cloud infrastructure and services, as well as your applications and data) and security outside of the cloud (your software development processes, user endpoint devices, training and awareness, etc.)"
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  3. A new hosting option. Sub-50ms latency to Calgary. Canadian hosting (but by an american company). This could be handy. Need to get campus legal to look into it…
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  4. digital humanities linux server sandbox
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  9. Cloud computing can and does mean different things to different people. The common
    characteristics most interpretations share are on-demand scalability of highly available and
    reliable pooled computing resources, secure access to metered services from nearly anywhere,
    and displacement of data and services from inside to outside the organization. While aspects of
    these characteristics have been realized to a certain extent, cloud computing remains a work in
    progress. This publication provides an overview of the security and privacy challenges pertinent
    to public cloud computing and points out considerations organizations should take when
    outsourcing data, applications, and infrastructure to a public cloud environment.
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