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  1. Each Mosaic classroom is different, but all Mosaic classrooms support:

    Collaboration—with student-accessible screens or whiteboard surfaces intended for collaboration and presentation
    Student grouping—with flexible or fixed furniture that allows for easy student grouping
    Movement—with square footage requirements that allow space for students and instructors to interact in a variety of ways
  2. Interesting classroom designs to support active learning in classes from 60-160 students.
  3. Active learning is a philosophy and approach in which teaching moves beyond the ‘podium-style’ lecture and directly includes students in the learning process. There is certainly a big movement out there to include active learning in the classroom, there is evidence that it works, and active learning strategies have been around for a long time. Active learning can make learning experience more interactive, inclusive, and help embrace different learning styles. Active learning places the student in a more central role in a classroom, and allows students to engage with the course and course content in a different way.
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