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  2. via Gerry Paille - a cool DIY camera slider for timelapse photography with camera motion and panning. very cool. must try this.
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  3. generate STL files from Google Maps
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  4. People’s expectations: They’ve seen a 3D printed violin; a crazy shoe, and a wrench (yawn) which actually works, straight out of a printer. A very, very expensive, high-end printer which uses lasers or resins. These people think that they can create objects as well without much input or training, on a machine which costs $800 or less. Imagine you’d lived on a planet that had never seen a car before, and all of a sudden the newspapers start reporting about the car, a vehicle which can do up to 250mph, carrying up to 10 people, and cost as little as $300. All true, but as we know, that’s not the full story.
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  6. Three-dimensional printing technology will soon be more readily available for undergraduate engineering students. Traditionally available only to fourth-year University of Calgary engineering students doing their capstone design project, the department of mechanical and manufacturing engineering has made 3D printing available to second-year students in their computer-aided design course and a workroom is planned to open by spring semester for undergraduate students to use 3D printers outside of specific classes
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