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  1. Zoom Integration with the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform allows for:

    Import Recordings – Import Zoom recordings as playable videos
    Share Recordings – Share recordings among faculty, colleagues, classes, or groups.
    Caption & Tag – Supports auto-captioning, metadata tagging, word-clouds, and more.
    Multi-faced Search – Ability to search specific recordings by user and data ranges.
    Auto-Link Accounts – Connect a YuJa user to a Zoom user for automatic import of Zoom recordings.
    Video Editing – Enable multi-stream, non-destructive editing of content for your user’s most essential video and audio editing workflows.
    Set Permissions – Grant certain individuals specific access to meetings recordings
    Engagement Analytics – Access to recording viewing and engagement analytics
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  2. a really nice markdown editor for Mac, with a built-in live preview. Has command-line app as well, but it won't install from MacDown itself - install the brew cask first (but that comes with an old version of the MacDown desktop application), then overwrite the installed MacDown application from the manual download. That'll give the command-line application and the current version of the desktop application.
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  4. "The net messages in all of this –

    A vendor that takes information security this serious probably deserves to be instantly added to your short-list, provided they have the requisite skill and experience in the products and services you seek.
    There are likely substantial vendor due diligence and annual re-certification expenses you can save as well. If a vendor can pass the SOC 2 Type II audit, there is little you will review that will trip them up. They have endured far worse. Just ask for their SOC 2 Type II report and certification documentation, review it to ensure your own comfort, then check the “Exceeds Requirements” box, and move on to the next vendor to review.
    Yes, we are essentially saying that SOC 2 Type II vendors should be given a “free pass” (of sorts). Give them an explicit opportunity to strut their stuff in your RFP process. And, by no means was it FREE. It has cost them dearly, but they think earning your business and peace of mind is worth it."
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  6. peer review tool that lets students anonymously give feedback on each others' work
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  7. The UK HE Learning Space Toolkit has been produced by SCHOMS, AUDE and UCISA to help members from all three professional bodies share best practice and work more effectively when creating learning spaces. We would like to thank the numerous colleagues from across the professional associations, and others within the wider higher education community, who have contributed to the production of this Toolkit by sharing their experiences and reviewing content. We hope this Toolkit will serve both as a practical guide and as a source of inspiration in the design of spaces that delight and motivate students, as well as they meet their functional needs.
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  8. overview and request form for LTIs
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  9. A good public view into their LTI approval process
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