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    by dnorman (2018-08-02)
  2. fantastic photos of the 2018 conference, by Jessica Snow
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  5. If you want to see the future of teacher training, you could do worse than to visit Samantha Patterson’s kindergarten classroom at North Star Academy Charter School of Newark. On a blustery winter day in Newark, N.J., Patterson’s students are clustered in three groups of about eight students each. One group is working independently on a set of computers that line a wall of the second-floor classroom. A second set is listening quietly while another teacher reads a story. But the real excitement surrounds the third group.
  6. awesome. unsecured bluetooth on wearables. even though the fitbit itself is encrypted, the device isn't. somehow.
    Tags: , , , by dnorman (2015-10-21)
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    by dnorman (2015-08-13)
  8. Your computer is connected to a Wi-Fi network but you do not remember the password that you had earlier used to connect to this particular WiFi network. Maybe you forgot the password or maybe the network administrator entered it directly without revealing the actual password to you.

    You would now like to connect a second device, like your mobile phone, to the same WiFi network but how do you find out the password? You can either send a password request the WiFi admin or you can open the command prompt on your computer and retrieve the saved password in one easy step. The technique works on both Mac and Windows PCs.
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  9. The conclusions that emerged from the Task Force’s review of the landscapes resulted in the development of 5 priority areas that will allow the University of Calgary to become a leader in post- secondary learning technology integration. Within these five priorities are 14 proactive strategies that are essential to the success of this strategic framework
  10. eCampusAlberta is committed to ensuring that its quality practices match or exceed current good practice in the post-secondary education sector. This eToolkit is designed to support post-secondary institutions in the design, creation, and assessment of quality online courses.

    Quality Review Course Information Organization Pedagogy Writing Resources Web Design Technology Helpful Resources and Exemplars
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