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  1. fantastic photos of the 2018 conference, by Jessica Snow
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  2. The CTLT Institute is hosted three times each year by UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT). The Spring, Summer, and Winter Institutes feature interactive workshops where participants have an opportunity to network, gain practical ideas and share best practices with their fellow colleagues and members of the UBC Community.

    All Institutes are open to UBC faculty, staff, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students and are traditionally held in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC).

    Spring Institute
    Hosted in late May, the Spring Institute offers participants an opportunity to share practices and research around teaching, learning and technology. Workshops are interactive and provide participants an opportunity to network with fellow members of the UBC Community. Topics range from using team-based learning in the classroom to approaches to flexible learning.

    Summer Institute
    Hosted in August/September, the Summer Institute focuses on the fundamentals of teaching and learning issues. It is designed to help participants enhance their understanding of sound teaching practices and how to implement them in their teaching. Workshop topics range from refining a syllabus/lesson plan to incorporating active learning and effective assessment in their teaching.

    Winter Institute
    Hosted from November/December, the Winter Institute is a time for colleagues to come together during the mid-academic year and review innovative teaching practices. It is an opportunity to network with colleagues, review the practical application of techniques and discuss practices that are successful in varying environments.
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  5. “What we have right now is an orchestra of some virtuosos — they are fabulous at what they do,” he said. “I would put our post-secondary schools against any others in the world, but, unfortunately, this orchestra doesn’t have a conductor and they’re all playing their own tune and they’re off-beat.”
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  7. Scalp! is a log analyzer for the Apache web server that aims to look for security problems. The main idea is to look through huge log files and extract the possible attacks that have been sent through HTTP/GET (By default, Apache does not log the HTTP/POST variable).
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  8. Postural hypotension typically happens when you've been seated or horizontal long enough for blood to pool in your legs. When you stand up, it takes your body a few seconds to adjust to the change in position and send enough blood and oxygen to your brain. It's that lack of oxygen that makes you feel light-headed or dizzy. You're more prone to the condition if you have low blood pressure at baseline or if you usually get heavy periods (in which case you might want to ask your doc if you'd benefit from taking an iron supplement).
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