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  1. VR capture for real estate. Could be interesting to capture learning spaces.
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2016-11-05)
  2. Furniture on wheels. Tables shaped for circle configuration.
    Tags: , by dnorman (2016-09-11)
  3. Some interesting options for generating 3D mesh models from photographs of objects or spaces. Gotta try these in the TI learning studios!
    Tags: , by dnorman (2016-08-14)
  4. Yesterday, a group of Werklund graduate students and their professor, many of whom had never programmed before, decided to “hold” their regular class at DigiPlay. And as is possible in spaces like this, with very little help from me or their professor, they dove deep into the simulations, hacked the code, challenged each other (a “Flock Off”, one student said). Amid laughter and banter, they engaged in some of the most intricate discourse about the mathematics of complex systems that I have heard in a while. But the conversation I heard was also about their lives, and their experiences as teachers and professionals: the flocking “boids” not only represented swarms of birds and fish, but also stood in as models of “peer pressure” and “influence networks”.
    This is the kind of learning that is only possible at spaces like this — learning with friends, and learning about the unknown, unscripted — through deliberations, collaboration and eventually, inventions.
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2016-07-17)
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    Tags: , by dnorman (2016-07-11)
  6. How do people interact with the architectural and technological infrastructure and with each other in innovative learning spaces on an everyday basis?
    • How do everyday interactions compare with those envisioned by the designers and managers of these spaces?
    • How do we account for the differences between actual and anticipated use of the spaces?
    • How can spaces be designed or recover from breakdowns so that actual and anticipated use (re) align?
    Tags: , by dnorman (2016-07-11)
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  9. the premier venue for research addressing the design, development and use of new and emerging tabletop, digital surface, interactive spaces and multi-surface technologies. Over the years ISS has been a venue for research and applications of interactive surfaces as well as spaces, which has been acknowledged by the incorporation of 'Space' into our conference identity for 2016.
    Interactive Surfaces and Spaces increasingly pervade our everyday life, appearing in various sizes, shapes, and application contexts, offering a rich variety of ways to interact. The scenic view of the magnificent Niagara Falls and its vibrant city life will be the ideal host for bringing together researchers and innovators from a variety of backgrounds from all over the world.
    Tags: , by dnorman (2016-06-29)
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    Tags: , by dnorman (2016-03-10)

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