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  1. strong parallels to campus edtech design/implementation. over-engaging the community about every little thing erodes confidence that we know what we're doing. we should learn from our community, not pester them with details.
    Tags: , by dnorman (2018-04-30)
  2. UWO's intensive course redesign program - focus on blended courses.
    Tags: , , , by dnorman (2018-04-16)
  3. really cool text-based game where you play the role of the AI for a long-term spaceship designed to salvage humanity. no pressure.
    by dnorman (2018-01-23)
  4. Radio epiSTEMology is an ongoing research and creation project for exploring our emerging identities in an ever-changing world of computing and technoscience, a world often represented by the term STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

    Here on the Radio EpiSTEMology team we want to know how radio and podcast experiences can be STEM experiences. We explore, research and create audio design and listening opportunities that open up new ways of connecting with STEM knowledge and communities for students, teachers, parents and publics.
    Our featured podcast episodes for the week can be found here: STEM Radio Hour and Teacher Podcast Series.
    Funding for this project is provided by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary, the Werklund School of Education - University of Calgary, and the Imperial Oil Foundation.
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2018-01-18)
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    Tags: , by dnorman (2018-01-04)
  6. -
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  8. AI is opaque, and is nurtured rather than designed. If these invisible algorithms are combining to recommend things like medical treatment plans, we should know how recommendations are being made. Simple correlation isn't enough.
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2017-11-21)
  9. -
    by dnorman (2017-08-16)
  10. However, despite all disciplinary variations, there are three things that most examiners look for in a methods chapter. They look at 1. research design 2. data generation and 3. analysis.
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2017-06-27)

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