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  1. Huh. Looks like it may have been done already… But, from the other linked articles, it looks like he's trying to weaponize it for forensics and criminology. Yikes.
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  3. If you want to see the future of teacher training, you could do worse than to visit Samantha Patterson’s kindergarten classroom at North Star Academy Charter School of Newark. On a blustery winter day in Newark, N.J., Patterson’s students are clustered in three groups of about eight students each. One group is working independently on a set of computers that line a wall of the second-floor classroom. A second set is listening quietly while another teacher reads a story. But the real excitement surrounds the third group.
  4. Designing Online Communities looks like a must-read. pre-ordering a copy…
    Tags: , by dnorman (2015-01-29)
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  6. A collection of readings on open education with commentary. Created for IPT 515R Introduction to Open Education, a graduate course at Brigham Young University. An Open Education Reader is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
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  10. Three-dimensional printing technology will soon be more readily available for undergraduate engineering students. Traditionally available only to fourth-year University of Calgary engineering students doing their capstone design project, the department of mechanical and manufacturing engineering has made 3D printing available to second-year students in their computer-aided design course and a workroom is planned to open by spring semester for undergraduate students to use 3D printers outside of specific classes
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