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  1. -
    by dnorman (2019-05-16)
  2. Open source edtech tools from CMU
    by dnorman (2019-05-16)
  3. Brain story - how experiences shape the structure/function of the brain.
    by dnorman (2019-04-27)
  4. Via rick schwier. Annotated bibliographies for various sotl topics
    Tags: , by dnorman (2019-04-25)
  5. Gets lists of events that happened closer to a given date than to today.
    by dnorman (2019-04-24)
  6. He’s thinking big now. He imagines that in 10 years, job applicants will tout their Udacity degrees. In 50 years, he says, there will be only 10 institutions in the world delivering higher education and Udacity has a shot at being one of them. Thrun just has to plot the right course.
  7. -
    by dnorman (2019-04-05)
  8. Open pod environments makes “can we talk?” a mandatory thing, with obvious results. Stress!
    by dnorman (2019-04-03)
  9. Calgary-based company with some really interesting products/projects. An instructor wants to integrate this into D2L via LTI. Sounds awesome, but we need to figure out the whole privacy/security aspect if we're sending student data to a third party…
    Tags: by dnorman (2019-03-06)
  10. Glen Dolphin incorporated wikipedia into Geology 209
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2019-03-06)

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