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  1. Interesting papers on game research methods
  2. "Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education offers detailed guidance to scholars at all stages—experienced and new academics, graduate students, and undergraduates—regarding how to write about learning and teaching in higher education. It evokes established practices, recommends new ones, and challenges readers to expand notions of scholarship by describing reasons for publishing across a range of genres, from the traditional empirical research article to modes such as stories and social media that are newly recognized in scholarly arenas. The book provides practical guidance for scholars in writing each genre—and in getting them published."
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  4. Zoom Integration with the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform allows for:

    Import Recordings – Import Zoom recordings as playable videos
    Share Recordings – Share recordings among faculty, colleagues, classes, or groups.
    Caption & Tag – Supports auto-captioning, metadata tagging, word-clouds, and more.
    Multi-faced Search – Ability to search specific recordings by user and data ranges.
    Auto-Link Accounts – Connect a YuJa user to a Zoom user for automatic import of Zoom recordings.
    Video Editing – Enable multi-stream, non-destructive editing of content for your user’s most essential video and audio editing workflows.
    Set Permissions – Grant certain individuals specific access to meetings recordings
    Engagement Analytics – Access to recording viewing and engagement analytics
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  5. Critically playing a game, and performing a close reading of a specific aspect of a game, are valid game analysis techniques. But these types of analyses don’t scale to the plethora of games available, and also neglect implementation aspects of the games which themselves are texts that can be analyzed. We argue that appropriate software tools can support research in game studies, allowing individual games to be read at the level of gameplay as well as the implementation level. Moreover, these tools permit analysis to scale in a similar fashion as distant reading allows for traditional texts, and be applied to an entire corpus of games. We illustrate these ideas using a corpus of games created using the Graphic Adventure Creator, a program first released in 1985 for a number of computing platforms. As a proof of concept, we have built a system called GrACIAS – the Graphic Adventure Creator Internal Analysis System – that we have used for both static and dynamic analysis of this corpus of games, effectively allowing them to be internally explored and “read.” Furthermore, our system is able to look for game solutions automatically and has solved over 60 game images to date, making the games accessible to researchers, but also people who may not be expert players or even able to understand the language the game uses.
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  9. This study investigated the influence of physical and virtual learning spaces on students’ socialization into future professions while attending a modern university. Qualitative analysis of an undergraduate liberal arts program that employs the use of roundtable classrooms was conducted. Findings revealed that the roundtable classroom promotes socialization by facilitating the exchange of elaborate feedback and intellectual talk between students and instructors. However, some students reported feeling exposed or uncomfortable and thus less likely to participate. Virtual learning spaces influenced socialization, and their effectiveness was heavily moderated by the instructor and by the frequency and use of educational technology. Recommendations and suggestions for future research are provided.
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