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  1. HASH is the open platform for simulating anything. Whereas traditional approaches to simulation use object-oriented classes, the real world defies such neat taxonomies.
    In HASH all entities correspond to explicit schemas. For discoverability and composability, behaviors as well as datasets are mapped to these, and they can be extended at will.
    Behaviors can be combined to create novel entities. Whereas you may never think to craft a class of ‘bodybuilder politician actors’, these can organically emerge in HASH.
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  4. this is awesome. assuming a student built this, to fill in for The Zipper while a) it's off-campus for an exhibit and b) pandemic
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  5. Zoom Integration with the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform allows for:

    Import Recordings – Import Zoom recordings as playable videos
    Share Recordings – Share recordings among faculty, colleagues, classes, or groups.
    Caption & Tag – Supports auto-captioning, metadata tagging, word-clouds, and more.
    Multi-faced Search – Ability to search specific recordings by user and data ranges.
    Auto-Link Accounts – Connect a YuJa user to a Zoom user for automatic import of Zoom recordings.
    Video Editing – Enable multi-stream, non-destructive editing of content for your user’s most essential video and audio editing workflows.
    Set Permissions – Grant certain individuals specific access to meetings recordings
    Engagement Analytics – Access to recording viewing and engagement analytics
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  7. SelfControl is a free and open-source application for macOS that lets you block your own access to distracting websites, your mail servers, or anything else on the Internet. Just set a period of time to block for, add sites to your blacklist, and click "Start." Until that timer expires, you will be unable to access those sites—even if you restart your computer or delete the application.
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  10. Things to consider if you have to move your class online quickly.
    by dnorman (2020-02-27)

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