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  1. "We assume that private enterprise generates what is so casually called “innovation” all by itself. It does not. The Web browser you are using to read this essay was invented at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The code that makes this page possible was invented at a publicly funded academic research center in Switzerland. That search engine you use many times a day, Google, was made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation to support Stanford University. You didn’t get polio in your youth because of research done in the early 1950s at Western Reserve University School of Medicine.* California wine is better because of the University of California at Davis. Hollywood movies are better because of UCLA. And your milk was not spoiled this morning because of work done at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

    These things did not just happen because someone saw a market opportunity and investors and inventors rushed off to meet it. That’s what happens in business-school textbooks. In the real world, we roll along, healthy and strong, in the richest nation in the world because some very wise people decided decades ago to invest in institutions that serve no obvious short-term purpose. The results of the work we do can take decades to matter—if at all. Most of what we do fails. Some succeeds. The system is terribly inefficient. And it’s supposed to be that way."
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  5. that's a lot of shiny.
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  6. javascript implementation of the original macintosh 1-bit dither algorithm that nothing else seems to get right for some reason.
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  7. "The program focuses on facilitating profession-based learning, innovative curriculum responsive to workforce needs, real-world professional and experiential learning, skill and entrepreneurship development across the K-21 pipeline. "
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  8. Shared Canadian curriculum in family medicine. Recognized by UN.
    by dnorman (2018-03-08)
  9. another promising editor.
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  10. another promising audio editor, but it doesn't seem to want to actually _play_ the audio in the editor. could be problematic, if I want to, you know, edit the audio in the editor…
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