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  1. how to set mysqld to auto-launch on boot on an ancient version of RHEL (RHEL 6) because a) that's the way IT runs servers, on really old software and b) IT doesn't know about LAMP servers and insists that this is the kind of bullshit that "the business" (i.e., everyone at the university, outside of IT) needs to spend time googling and hoping they don't break stuff. Awesome.


    $ sudo chkconfig --level 12345 on mysqld
    by dnorman (2019-06-27)
  2. The trace left in an environment in response to an action.

    Via Stephen downes
    by dnorman (2019-06-20)
  3. Survey results, including which elearning tools are used etc. Referenced in malcom’s etug keynote
    by dnorman (2019-06-20)
  4. The emergence of active learning classrooms (ALCs) on university campuses introduces a need for university teachers to have knowledge of the pedagogical use of physical space. We consider expanding two well-known frameworks for teacher knowledge. Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) describes teacher knowledge about teaching discipline-specific content. Technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) recognizes digital technology as part of the knowledge base. With increased attention on learning spaces, we propose redefining technology to include non-digital technologies, (e.g. furniture, whiteboards). Further, we add “environment” to the knowledge base to address rhetorical communications from both the physical space and the classroom climate.
    by dnorman (2019-06-20)
  5. This is a series of unhurried conversations with thinkers, founders, and scientists..
    by dnorman (2019-06-19)
  6. -
    by dnorman (2019-06-19)
  7. macro/meso/micro - the original work cited by Roxa & Martensson etc.
    by dnorman (2019-06-19)
  8. -
    by dnorman (2019-06-17)
  9. -
    by dnorman (2019-06-11)
  10. -
    by dnorman (2019-06-08)

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