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  1. possible DIY lidar module. company was a crowdfunded project, bought by garmin.
    Tags: , by dnorman (2017-08-08)
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  3. small LIDAR sensor. can use inside?
    Tags: , by dnorman (2017-08-08)
  4. Kaarta Contour™ enables 3D modeling from input to output in real time, condensing the workflow process by eliminating time and cost, and allowing decision-making at the point of work.

    Lightweight and battery powered, Contour is hand carried through an environment as it scans to generate a 3D map without additional infrastructure. A typical 10,000 sq m (110,000 sq ft) space can be scanned in about 2.5 hours
    Tags: , by dnorman (2017-08-08)
  5. TIMMS provides both LiDAR and spherical video, enabling the creation of accurate, real-life representations (maps, models) of interior spaces and all of its contents; every object in the interior space - including desks, chairs, stairs, and doors - appear in the plan. The maps are geo-located, meaning that the real world positions of each area of the building and its contents are known.

    Users can obtain holistic 3D indoor geospatial views of all kinds of infrastructure
    Tags: , by dnorman (2017-08-08)
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    Tags: , , by dnorman (2017-08-03)
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  8. Let's just call everything a mooc. this bookmark is a mooc. a moocmark. except this moocmark is more open than the mooc, so potentially useful to more people.
    by dnorman (2017-08-01)
  9. publications on MOOCs that were produced at the 29 UK universities connected to the FutureLearn MOOC platform. Bringing these papers together, and considering them as a body of related work, reveals a set of nine priority areas for MOOC research and development. We suggest that these priority areas could be used to develop a strategic approach to learning at scale
    Tags: , , , by dnorman (2017-08-01)
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    Tags: by dnorman (2017-08-01)

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