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  2. Results of the study indicated that many participants had positive perceptions of the badges, finding them authentic and innovative. Some participants had negative or mediocre perceptions of digital badges, finding them less prestigious than a certificate of completion.
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  4. infographic of preliminary student survey data
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  5. streamlined application form
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  6. I pulled together a list of the courses that have been offered (and will be offered) since the Taylor Institute opened. An amazingly diverse cross-disciplinary collection of active-learning-based courses.
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  8. fantastic resource put together by the team. how to engage students before day 1 of a class?
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  9. shortened version of the crazy-long O365 Forms URL
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  10. Still a beta version, but it's shaping up nicely.

    The Teaching Challenge is a community of educators who want to try innovative and creative teaching and learning methods and then share their experiences. By participating you can try new ideas, learn from others, and reflect on your own practices to expand the boundaries of teaching and learning
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