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  1. Ryerson's Learning & Teaching Office podcast series.
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  3. Radio epiSTEMology is an ongoing research and creation project for exploring our emerging identities in an ever-changing world of computing and technoscience, a world often represented by the term STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

    Here on the Radio EpiSTEMology team we want to know how radio and podcast experiences can be STEM experiences. We explore, research and create audio design and listening opportunities that open up new ways of connecting with STEM knowledge and communities for students, teachers, parents and publics.
    Our featured podcast episodes for the week can be found here: STEM Radio Hour and Teacher Podcast Series.
    Funding for this project is provided by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary, the Werklund School of Education - University of Calgary, and the Imperial Oil Foundation.
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  4. Informal Education is a new University of Calgary podcast that will broadcast voices of the university community. The first episode was launched on Feb. 13. New episodes will air every Wednesday and are 50 to 110 minutes long. 

    According to third-year English student, host and creator of Informal Education Kelsy Norman, there are large gaps between faculty, administration and students. Informal Education, however, will work to close these gaps.

    “I look at a problem at the 
U of C and I feel that we could work on building a better community,” said Norman. 

    Norman, a faculty of arts representative and avid listener of podcasts, felt he could use his connections on campus to build a platform for exploring the lives of community members. 

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