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  1. Designing and teaching an online course has similarities to its classroom counterpart, yet there are some unique considerations and decisions to make towards creating a meaningful online learning experience. This online module provides guidance to putting a course online using course design and teaching online best practices.
    Tags: , by dnorman (2020-04-26)
  2. what an absolutely ridiculous and wasteful way to run an online class. In a TV studio, with a room full of operators and engineers, so the MBA students feel like they're on CNN. This could all be done with something like Adobe Connect and a grad student TA for next to nothing, but it wouldn't feel as special, which is really what they're going for here.
    Tags: , , , by dnorman (2016-08-10)
  3. -
    Tags: , by dnorman (2015-04-22)
  4. some sane recommendations for developing online courses
    Tags: , , by dnorman (2013-12-20)

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