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  2. Results of the study indicated that many participants had positive perceptions of the badges, finding them authentic and innovative. Some participants had negative or mediocre perceptions of digital badges, finding them less prestigious than a certificate of completion.
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  3. Digital Badges, funded through the Colorado Helps Advanced Manufacturing Program U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. TAACCCT grant, offer a new way to display industry-recognized credentials that validate core employability and technical skills for all sectors in manufacturing. Our digital badges are an “online representation of a skill, mastery of skills and/or recognition of expertise” which have been earned and documented within the Open Badge Standard. The Open Badge Standard enables the issuer to verify the skills and mastery through verified organizations attaching verification data and evidence of skill attainment to the badge image file, hard-coding the metadata for future access and outside review. They are symbols which represent expertise and accomplishment, badges.
  4. how micro is micro-credentialling? we try not to use badges for things like taking attendance (but have set up a Badge Level 1 for such a small-effort credential) - how would this kind of activity tracking combine with higher level badges?
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  6. Now a handful of colleges and universities are starting to experiment with the concept of badging for professional development as well. Some of their efforts are so recent, it's still hard to evaluate their success. Nevertheless, initial anecdotal evidence appears positive
  7. Examines the impact in-game rewards have on learning in an educational game.

    The quantity of in-game rewards did not have an impact on learning.

    Perception of feeling rewarded was not related to the quantity of in-game rewards.

    Perception of feeling rewarded is positively related with player engagement.

    Study suggests that designers should focus on core mechanics players find satisfying
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