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  1. What is clear is that the LMS has been highly successful in enabling the administration of learning but less so in enabling learning itself. Tools such as the grade book and mechanisms for distributing materials such as the syllabus are invaluable for the management of a course, but these resources contribute, at best, only indirectly to learning success. Initial LMS designs have been both course- and instructor-centric, which is consonant with the way higher education viewed teaching and learning through the 1990s.
  2. When Instructure began analyzing the course designs for its higher ed customers, the LMS company discovered something about getting students to interact with the online elements of their courses
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  6. The University of Calgary plans to change its current learning management system Blackboard to different software over the 2013 spring and summer break. Blackboard 8.0 has been in use since 2008. A committee of IT partners, Library, Teaching and Learning Centre representatives determined the shortlist of programs based on utility, as well as surveyed staff and students about each program. The shortlisted software candidates are Canvas, Desire2Learn and Blackboard 9.1.
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  7. E-learning and Reserve Services offers course reserves in a wide range of online formats as well as traditional print reserves. Reserve content can easily be integrated into CourseLink (Desire2Learn).
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  8. Selecting a new Learning Management System for the UW online course environment, following the acquisition of Angel Learning by Blackboard.

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  9. Streamlined integration with external e-learning systems (Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn, Sakai)
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  10. Currently these LTI extensions are only supported by Canvas
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