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  2. classroom presentation system
  3. The conclusions that emerged from the Task Force’s review of the landscapes resulted in the development of 5 priority areas that will allow the University of Calgary to become a leader in post- secondary learning technology integration. Within these five priorities are 14 proactive strategies that are essential to the success of this strategic framework
  4. There are a few different types of systems are available for these applications. Some are completely wireless, while others might require a wired connection. Still others are a hybrid, where a physical connection is required but transmission might be handled wirelessly. Choosing the best method for your client depends on how they want to use the solution for their business. Let’s take a look at some of the options currently available and spec some of the benefits of each
  5. The University of South Australia Digital Learning Strategy 2015-2020 builds on our values of innovation, scholarship, engagement and openness and outlines the vision, strategic priorities, commitments and key projects that will provide enhanced educational offerings, as articulated in the University’s strategic plan Crossing the Horizon

    View Digital Learning Strategy Video YouTube

    This strategy is a whole-of-university strategy, through which we will deliver an engaging curriculum, support our students to be productive professionals in a digital age, expand our flexible learning arrangements, develop our academics to be leaders in the digital learning experience, and inspire the entire UniSA community through life-long learning. By 2020 UniSA will be recognised internationally as a leading university for its use of innovative digital technologies to ensure a high quality student learning experience
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  7. Interesting classroom designs to support active learning in classes from 60-160 students.
  8. Module produced through the College Educator Development Program. Not sure how packaging it as a forced-navigation SoftChalk package adds to the experience, above what a well-produced video would do. Feels like using "interaction" to keep production costs down?
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  9. This is something we are changing at UofC. Providing real domain-specific coaching in all faculties, and recognizing this work by instructors as valuable.
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  10. new website for UBC. Looks great!
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