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  1. EXTREMELY Ontario-centric, mentioning only a handful of non-Ontario institutions in Canada (fewer than the number of international institutions? weird.) Anyway. Some interesting examples.
  2. If you want to see the future of teacher training, you could do worse than to visit Samantha Patterson’s kindergarten classroom at North Star Academy Charter School of Newark. On a blustery winter day in Newark, N.J., Patterson’s students are clustered in three groups of about eight students each. One group is working independently on a set of computers that line a wall of the second-floor classroom. A second set is listening quietly while another teacher reads a story. But the real excitement surrounds the third group.
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  6. "The program focuses on facilitating profession-based learning, innovative curriculum responsive to workforce needs, real-world professional and experiential learning, skill and entrepreneurship development across the K-21 pipeline. "
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  7. Stories of innovation from UofC alumni - Über, Java, iStockPhoto.
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  9. "Education is one of the last industries to be touched by Internet technology." Seriously? SERIOUSLY?
  10. Science, Technology and Innovation Council
    Advisory Council to the Government of Canada
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