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Miscellaneous links to articles about the theory, methods, and practice of ethnographic research (mostly in the context of education and classroom settings)

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  1. should be great, but holy fracking child of christ? $280? no fracking way.
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  2. "Institutional ethnography" (IE) is an approach to empirical inquiry associated with the prominent Canadian social theorist Dorothy E. Smith.  Combining theory and method, IE emphasizes connections among the sites and situations of everyday life, professional practice, and policy making.  Such connections are accomplished primarily through what Smith has labeled "textually-mediated social organization"-- a form of social coordination that has been under-theorized even as it has become more and more pervasively significant. 
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  3. Could something like this be used to generate documentation of interactions in a F2F class for realtime or post-hoc analysis?

    (GP: I'm thinking of something to help instructors and students visualize classroom interactions in a similar way to what we have with online discourse and interaction analysis - something like Gephi or nodeXL for F2F classes…)
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  10. How do people interact with the architectural and technological infrastructure and with each other in innovative learning spaces on an everyday basis?
    • How do everyday interactions compare with those envisioned by the designers and managers of these spaces?
    • How do we account for the differences between actual and anticipated use of the spaces?
    • How can spaces be designed or recover from breakdowns so that actual and anticipated use (re) align?
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