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  1. Word salad. So many acronyms just for the sake of acronyms.
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  3. handy guide by EDUCAUSE on prepping a presentation/poster at their conferences
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  4. Can colleges and universities ensure that their instructors are prepared to teach online? This poster session will detail the process and results of assessing distance education training programs created for new-to-online faculty members at American University. Learn how to teach instructors to create high-quality learning outcomes, apply e-learning vocabulary accurately, follow institutional standards, and fully utilize LMS capabilities.
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  5. need to book travel…
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  7. What is clear is that the LMS has been highly successful in enabling the administration of learning but less so in enabling learning itself. Tools such as the grade book and mechanisms for distributing materials such as the syllabus are invaluable for the management of a course, but these resources contribute, at best, only indirectly to learning success. Initial LMS designs have been both course- and instructor-centric, which is consonant with the way higher education viewed teaching and learning through the 1990s.
  8. Most students and faculty members indicated an excitement and appreciation for active learning and considered it to be a valuable learning and teaching method; this appreciation was enhanced when courses were held in the ALCs. These early results have helped confirm the expected benefits of incorporating active learning methods in the classroom
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