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  1. The authors focus on the strategies employed in the recent renovation of the William Johnston Building at Florida State University, in which the historical exterior was preserved, while the interiors were adapted to new functions as classrooms, study centers, and common spaces with intentionally undefined purposes. The building’s various use capacities, together with the flexibility of its interior environments, makes it a building of requirement. The paper reveals how the building’s historical interior layouts and architectural elements defined the approach to realizing a postmodern and future-oriented building while fostering new encounters and forming new user familiarities, thereby contributing to the evolution of the structure as living history.
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  2. If the content you find important never makes it to the front page, you write off the site as “not for you” and let your account wither and die. Repeat that process, and the site’s user base and content become homogenous and predictable
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  3. Here's the thing. I wear busyness like a badge of honor. Only there's no honor to be had.

    Busy is a sickness.
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  5. Now a handful of colleges and universities are starting to experiment with the concept of badging for professional development as well. Some of their efforts are so recent, it's still hard to evaluate their success. Nevertheless, initial anecdotal evidence appears positive
  6. Examines the impact in-game rewards have on learning in an educational game.

    The quantity of in-game rewards did not have an impact on learning.

    Perception of feeling rewarded was not related to the quantity of in-game rewards.

    Perception of feeling rewarded is positively related with player engagement.

    Study suggests that designers should focus on core mechanics players find satisfying
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  7. "Education is one of the last industries to be touched by Internet technology." Seriously? SERIOUSLY?
  8. Students playing the game did as well as those reading a textbook.

    We find no evidence of gender bias or incentive effect.

    Game behavior appears directly related to test performance
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  9. This paper deals with the assessment of the crossdisciplinarity of technology-enhanced learning (TEL). Based on a general discussion of the concept interdisciplinarity and a summary of the discussion in the field two empirical methods from scientometrics are introduced and applied. Science overlay maps and the Rao-Stirling-Diversity index are used to analyze the TEL field with a scientometric analysis. The science overlay maps show that a wide variety of disciplines contribute to research in the field. The analysis reveals that the field has been operating on a relatively high level of crossdisciplinarity in the last 10 years compared to 6 other fields of reference. Only in 2004 a decrease in the level of crossdisciplinarity could be identified.
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